Medhurst Park Basketball Court

Come dribble the basketball across the court when playing with your friends or opponents. The Medhurst Park Basketball Court completed a 3-year refurbishment project at the end of 2021 with THCA working with Councillor Keith Egli and Donna Williams from the City of Ottawa’s Recreation, Culture and Facilities Services.

This is a beautiful basketball court with hoops, newly paved asphalt with painted lines, two benches in the middle on each side, and a fence on the Woodfield Drive side. There is a paved pathway from Woodfield Drive, and the Medhurst parking lot provides handicap parking with a ramp to the pathway network.

Public full size Basketball Court, 304 Woodfield Drive (Medhurst Park south-east).

This project was funded by Knoxdale Merivalle Ward’s Parkland Fund and Tanglewood-Hillsdale Community Association’s Reserve Funds and the City’s Community Partnership Minor Capital Fund.  The THCA Board would like to thank all our partners for making this a success and valuable recreation facility for the Tanglewood-Hillsdale community residents.