Tanglewood Park Outdoor Rink

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2020-2021 Rink Season In Review—The neighbourhood residents are grateful to Matt Budd-Kenny, Jason Ashe, Pauline Budd, and Don Cornwell for maintaining our rinks. The two ice surfaces were operational between January 10 and February 26 for a total of 41 days. Rink operations was managed in conformance with the established Covid-19 restrictions. Hockey sticks and shinny hockey was not permitted until February 17th.  Family Day was our second busiest date for attendance with approx 102 people recorded during the once-hourly checks between 10 am and 5 pm.  The size of our secondary unboarded rink was 6,615 square feet much greater than the City’s minimum 1,600 sq.ft.  Snow was cleared next to the unboarded rink for nine benches. From laying down base ice to closure, in excess of 200 hours were dedicated to maintenance. More than one skater said that “the quality of our ice had been the best in the west end of Ottawa”.

Thank You for a great season See you next Year

Join in the winter fun at one of the City of Ottawa’s 250+ outdoor rinks!

The Tanglewood-Hillsdale Residents Association (THCA) as “Service Provider” supervises and maintains an unboarded and a boarded/with lights for public skating at 30 Woodfield.

Supervised Skating rink and change room hours  Weather dependant

Monday to Friday   4:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

If you wish to volunteer please email [email protected] 

Public skating anytime on unboarded rink
(no Hockey on unboarded rink)

For Rink conditions http://www.ottawarinks.ca/en/rink/tanglewood-park

Children and inexperienced skaters should use an approved helmet while on the ice to prevent injuries.

Also see: https://thca.ca/outdoor-resources/neighbourhood-outdoor-rink/