Tanglewood Park Community Garden

Tanglewood Hillsdale offers a great place to grow fresh organic veggies, exercise your mind and body and meet your neighbors in a 100% organic garden.

For the 2018 season, the Community Association is working towards expanding the garden with 11 more garden boxes. Once the 11 boxes are added there will be a total of 23 garden boxes up for rent.

You will need to register to rent a garden plot and registration will take place in the month of April. Please visit the THCA website for updates https://thca.ca

In addition information also will be posted in our bulletin boards in the Tanglewood and Medhurst Parks, and inside the center, and in the community newsletter.

Cost for renting a plot is still being discussed and will be posted once a final decision is made.

The City of Ottawa and THCA is working to move the rain barrels to the south wall of the center to collect rain water from the center’s roof.

Gardening Agreement for the 2018 season: Tanglewood Park Community Garden Agreement

If you have any question and/or comments, please send an e-mail to [email protected]




If you’re interested in helping out or joining the committee please send an email to [email protected]


Site plan

Check out the Tanglewood Park Community garden site plan.


(Click to enlarge.)

Triple compost bin

The community garden spaces follow a standard Triple Compost Bin setup.

They are suitable for backyard or community garden spaces, depending on the space and requirements of your site. This large bin triplet is designed to be rodent resistant and simple to use. Additionally, the materials will be easily accessible and it will be safe to construct. This composter will take approximately eight hours to build and if the materials are sourced locally (using rough lumber), it can be constructed for approximately $150 to $170.

Learn more about the construction process.